Study In Singapore

As a world leader in research and innovation, Singapore stands as a premier education hub with its world class universities offering international students quality education at an affordable cost. Singapore had earned the third place in the 2013 QS Best Student Cities thus reflecting the country’s combination of highly ranked universities along with a diverse student community and high quality of life.

The reason to study Singapore

⦁ Singapore is the perfect place to experience global education.
⦁ Singapore is definitely one of the leading study destinations of Asia
⦁ Singapore is famous not just for its technology driven education but also for the exciting campus life that it ensures.
⦁ Singapore provides good opportunities in terms of funds for students.
⦁ Many universities in Singapore offer a wide range for scholarships for international students
⦁ The Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS) is an initiative by the country’s Ministry of Education to offer subsidies to students enrolled in full-time diploma or undergraduate courses in a few listed universities of the country.
⦁ Universities of Singapore enjoy a good reputation among employers globally


The cost of studying in Singapore, whilst not as affordable as other Asian destinations, is still reasonable compared to universities in the big three destinations UK, USA and Australia.

On average, you can expect to pay around US$10,000 per year for tuition fees, although it depends on the course and institution. Arts courses tend to be less expensive than Science courses. The annual living costs for students are estimated to be around S$4,700.

Opportunity to work after graduation

Singapore is a business hub area. Once you complete your graduation you will have adequate opportunity to find a job on the basis of your education. All international students who taking grants form Singaporean Ministry of Education they are required to sign a bond that will commit them to work for a Singapore-registered company for at least 3 years after completing their degree. The period of the employment bond is longer for students of medicine 6 years and dentistry 5 years.