Study In Finland

Finland offers excellent opportunities in higher education in every field of study. This Nordic country and EU member state is situated between West and East offering the best of both traditions. Finland is everything you would expect a modern welfare state to be and more: for example, it enjoys political and economic stability; it is efficiently run and has a first-class education system. Its culture is unique: the Finnish way of life combines all the advantages of a high-tech society with a love of the country’s rich and vast expanses of nature.

The Reason to study Finland

⦁ A good education system with high standards and efficient quality assurance.
⦁ Excellent opportunities for study
⦁ Internationally oriented universities and polytechnics with special regional features.
⦁ World-renown expertise in many areas e.g. IT, bio-tech, forestry and environmental
 Science, architecture, art and design
⦁ Study programs involving close collaboration with industry and business
⦁ No tuition fees as a general rule
⦁ More than 300 international study programs in English.
⦁ An excellent choice of subjects.
⦁ Programs ranging from short-term courses to complete degrees
⦁ Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s degree programs
⦁ Good-quality graduate schools for young researchers
⦁ Scholarships for post-graduate study and research


No costs to study. The average monthly living expenses for a student in Finland are approximately 600-800€. This may vary a bit, depending on your study location in Finland – for example, accommodation and other living costs may be higher in the Helsinki metropolitan area and other larger cities.


During study you are eligible to work 25 hours per week. When you complete your graduation you can extend residence permits for up to one year. If you then find employment, you can then apply for a new residence permit based on this employment and it is also possible to apply for permanent residence.